Prossimo iMac e non solo con tecnologia Mini LED

Apple dovrebbe iniziare ad utilizzare una nuove tecnologia per i suoi pannelli LCD a partire dal nuovo iMac di quest’anno: i Mini LED.

Questo è il nuovo rumors di Digitimes :

Apple will adopt mini LED backlighting for a 31.6-inch iMac to be launched in the second or third quarter of 2019, a 10- to 12-inch iPad to be unveiled in fourth-quarter 2020 or first-quarter 2021, and a 15- to 17-inch MacBook to be introduced in first-half 2021, according to a analyst Kuo Ming-chi at TF International Securities.

Apple avrebbe scelto questa tecnologia per la sua ampia gamma cromatica, alto contrasto alto dynamic range.

The backlight unit (BLU) to be used in the 31.6-inch iMac will be made of about 500 LED chips of 600 microns in size, with Japan-based Nichia to supply the LEDs, Kuo said. 

Strictly speaking, this is a quasi-mini LED BLU because the chip size is much larger than those of standard mini LEDs, according to industry sources. However, the use of such a BLU will give opportunities for the supply chain to improve mini LED production in cost and yield rate, the sources noted.


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