Apple al lavoro su cuffie di alta qualità in stile AirPods

Secondo l’analista KGI Apple sarebbe al lavoro e pronta al rilascio alla fine del 2018 su una nuovo paio di cuffie over-ear in stile AirPods con prestazioni elevate .

Le cuffie avranno un design nuovo e si andranno a posizionare sopra le AirPods come cuffie ancora migliori per l’ascolto .

Apple to have own-brand, high-end over-ear headphones with all-new design; to be as convenient as AirPods with better sound quality; shipments to begin 4Q18F at earliest; Primax & SZS will be the key suppliers & will benefit from high ASPs. We believe that after AirPods and HomePod, Apple’s next addition will be high-end over-ear headphones, making its acoustic accessory lineup more complete. Existing suppliers Primax and SZS will be Apple’s partners on this new product. Primax will receive assembly orders on its familiarity with the acoustic business, and SZS is likely to use MIM technology advantages as leverage to become the exclusive or main MIM part supplier. The new headphones will be priced higher than AirPods and should help boost the business momentum of Primax as the assembly provider.

Chiaramente Apple utilizzerà la conoscenza di Beats per ingegnerizzare queste cuffie che però saranno sotto il marchio Apple , con delle tecnologie esclusive .

KGI parla anche delle nuove AirPods in arrivo a fine 2018 :

We think the main difference of the upgraded AirPods, which won’t look much different from current AirPods, will be the wireless charging case and the adoption of an upgraded W1 chip. We believe that the charging case will adopt different processes for the external appearance and to meet thermal requirements from wireless charging, the hinge price will rise 60-80%.




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