LG fornitore di batterie per iPhone 9

Un ultimo report afferma che LG sarebbe stata scelta da Apple per essere l’unico fornitore di batterie per il prossimo iPhone 9 .

“LG has invested hundred of billions of Korean won for related facilities and plans to start mass production from early next year,” the Korean-language report quoted a source in the chemical industry as saying.

La batteria di iPhone 9 dovrebbe essere a L , come quella che dovrebbe già avere iPhone 8 , così da aumentare notevolmente la durata della batteria .

The battery that LG Chem will supply to the iPhone 9 is an “L-shape” battery, which is bent to the right at the bottom. Apple has customized it to take advantage of the space on the bottom right of the iPhone that has evolved from the development of electronic component integration technology.


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