Report : Apple e gli occhiali VR

Secondo un ultimo report Apple sarebbe al lavoro ormai da più di un anno sulla realtà aumentata che dovrebbe culminare con la commercializzazione di occhiali VR .

Il lancio ovviamente non sarà immediato , si parla di anni .

Ecco il report :

Apple first began to build a team to examine the feasibility of a head-worn device more than a year ago. Now, it is devoting more resources to its augmented-reality efforts, with the aim of taking it from a science project towards a consumer product, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. However, any launch is still at least a year away, perhaps much longer. Apple declined to comment.

As its engineers have become more adept at miniaturisation technology with products such as its AirPods wireless headphones and the iPad’s Pencil, AR seems to have overtaken Apple’s secretive car project as the company’s top priority for its next big launch, beyond the iPhone.


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